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LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Tue Aug 7 14:31:50 PDT 2001

Jessamy wrote:

>Our reply at this point is
> just over 4 pages long.  Do we have that much room in the Saga.
> The long winded candidates,
> Jessamy

Hmmmm.... if everyone's response is four or so pages long (because I'm such
a prolific question asker), then I think poor Ainar will be adding several
Saga's worth of pages to just this one issue. And that will be a great deal
of work for him to format. I don't think that's really fair; Ainar did not
expect that much of a lump in one month when he took office.

It would also add considerable expense to the Saga, which it is not budgeted

I do however think that populace would be a good time for everyone to see
the candidates' answers. It would allow people to read what the candidates
have written and then be able to ask follow up questions in person after the
meeting is over if they choose.

So, I suggest that the Q&As not be put in the Saga, but instead just printed
out and enough copies made for people at populace to receive. (It would also
be less expensive because more could be put on the page instead of putting
the material into newsletter format.) And, since I am already formatting the
stuff anyway, it seems simpler and more efficient for me to format and print
(and have copies made) for populace.

To do that, I would need a deadline of all answers by Friday, Aug. 24 (the
Friday before populace on the 27th). And to be fair to the candidates and
give them enough time to answer, I think that the deadline for questions (at
least for this print out for populace) be Monday, Aug. 20.

I could also send the info to M/D for him to put on the web site, if that is
okay with him and the barony.

Okay..... I guess we need a ruling on this.... what say you Northkeep?
Robert? Ian? M/D?

Lynn the Inquisitive
(and her little dogs, too)

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