[Northkeep] Question for the B&B candidates

Dennis England sirbalvin at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 7 19:49:44 PDT 2001

I have always maintained that those who need to find the SCA, those who have
that something missing in their hearts, have a way of finding us.  This
group has grown from a shire of 20 something people to its present size in
the 17 yrs I have been involved by doing demos and word of mouth etc.  It
seems to be working.  So we would change very little.  Although Francesca
suggests we might try to pair with mundane/mainstream organizations and
their events to underscore and enhance each other, for example Shakespeare
in the Park or maybe a medieval murder mystery.

Balvin and Francesca

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> Do you feel that we currently get enough new people into the Northkeep
> organization?
> If not
> How would you suggest that we have a more accessible presence to those in
> the area?
> In general what is the one thing that you would most like to see change in
> Northkeep if anything?
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