[Northkeep] quiz the candidates

LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Tue Aug 7 23:13:08 PDT 2001

Okay, Robert and Ian both say to publish the answers separately from the
Saga. So I will format all of the candidates' answers to all of the
questions and bring them to August populace. Following populace, I will send
the information to M/D for the web.

So Northkeep, remember the deadline to ask questions to be published for
populace is Monday, August 20.

Candidates, remember, Friday, August 24 is the deadline for you to get your
answers to me so they can be published for populace. Please also remember,
answers to all the questions, not just mine, should be sent to me at my
e-mail address, not to the list.

My e-mail address is: LRA at olpdsl.net

Lynn the Inquisitive
(and her little dogs, too)

> > Well...
> > We don't want to make more work for Ainar than necessary and if you are
> > willing to handle the copies then I say that it sound like a plan. We
> > to wait till after populace to post the answers on the web though that
> > your printed copies will not go to waste for those who will be simply
> > viewing them on the web.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ian
> >
>        This sounds good to me.
> Robert
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