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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 07:42:26 PDT 2001

Hi Everyone!
 The first weekend of heraldic consulting (this Sat.
Aug.8th) will be at my house. Directions are below. If
you have cat allergies please call me or email me
(295-9926 or 406-6241). I have 2 in/outdoor cats, but
also have all wood floors that give up their dander
with a swish of the Swiffer. If I am aware that anyone
with cat allergies is coming over I will make sure to
roll up the floor rug, get the slip covers on the
couches, and make sure that the cat who won't split
when people show up is in a bedroom.

The directions:
the address is 1211 S. Delaware Ave. and my number is

Find your best route to 11th Street. Delaware Ave is
the only light on 11th between Harvard and Lewis. Turn
South on Delaware (Left if coming from Harvard, Right
if coming from Lewis). Go 1.5 Blocks. There will be a
Nazarene Church on the right hand side, go ahead and
park in their parking lot. My house is directly across
the street from the Nazarene church. We are the house
with the ROUND landscaping timbers, not the square
ones or the rock wall. (You'll understand when you

If you have any problems, just call.


--- Kathy Herndon <kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> The locations have been set for two straight
> weekends of heraldic
> consulting.  Whether you are interested in a name,
> arms, a badge, a
> household name, or even an achievement, these will
> be the closest
> sessions for awhile.
> The two sessions (come to whichever works best for
> you) will be held
> on August 11 and August 18.  Each will begin at 1 PM
> and run until 6
> PM.  Locations noted below.
> These are the weekends of Pennsic.  If you are
> attending Pennsic,
> please make use of the consulting table there as it
> includes many of
> the most knowledgable heralds in the Knowne World.
> The timing is intended to allow any fighters
> participating in fighter
> practice on those Saturdays to come by after
> fighting breaks up.
> Both locations are close to fighter practice at
> Woodward Park.
> August 11 will be at the home of Lady Zahava bat
> Hannah.  August 18
> will be held at the home of Honorable Lady Livia
> Montgomery.
> Separate emails will be posted with directions an
> information.
> VERY IMPORTANT:  If you will be coming, please email
> or call or mail
> or visit with me to let me know that you are coming.
>  I would like to
> know which date you plan on attending, and whether
> you are
> investigating a name, device, badge, or multiple
> items.  (If name,
> please let me know what culture and time period so
> that we can try to
> have documentation available for that period.)  If
> you find that you
> can attend but haven't contacted me ahead of time,
> please come
> anyway.  We're just trying to get a feel for numbers
> to make sure we
> have space and the right books.
> Sincerely,
> Lady Rosamund, Herald
> Barony of Northkeep
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