[Northkeep] A special demo

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 8 16:15:18 PDT 2001

I'll have a card for myself.  I can also generate a card with the device
of anyone who has submitted it to me.  But only if they request it.

Angus Mac wrote:
> Since I seam to be the only one fielding questions on
> this!

> Since it is a "demo" and not an "event" unauthorized
> fighters can play also.

Yup.  This was structured as part of fighters practice so even new
fighters can play.  With the elevation of NK to Barony, all the Canton's
fighters were included as well.

> In the past the criteria was 8 Official Saturday
> fighters practices attended since the last Dionader.
> But with the popularity of the Wed night fights, and
> since no-one is keeping score of who comes and when, I
> have no Idea as to what constitutes regular
> participation!
Thorgrim imposed this as a request when he was Dionadair.  Some
subsequent holders upheld that request.

For the rules as they stand in Baronial Law, refer to The Chronicles of
the Dionadair on the Baronial website.   The rest is up to the current
holder.  I know it's not current concerning the winners but my scribe
has been busy.  And I've got some ideas concerning that too.

I have list trees if no one has volunteered them yet.

> do not for get to get me those 3x5 cards with a device
> of some sort...SOON

Do you want mine before that weekend?


> Angus TARd
> --- Tamberlin <tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Silly new fighter question.  Do you have to be
> > autherized to fight in this?
> >
> > Tamberlin
> > wondering if I'm fighting or waterbearing
> >
> > --- Angus Mac <angusmacn at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > 2 corrections Laird Ian:
> > > 1:  the tourney is open to all fighters, but only
> > > local fighters can win. we usually try to fill the
> > > list trees with non eligable fighters as the by's
> >
> > =====

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