[Northkeep] Ferd WAS: Candidate or not...

Trish Kvamme oneblondemuse at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 8 17:13:54 PDT 2001

Be not surprised at all :)

Duncan and I have spent the last couple of years as Ansteorra's Ambassadors
to Calontir, we know Ferd and count him amongst our friends.

We try to attend at least Lilies and Calontiri Coronations, in fact, while I
am attending Namron, His Majesty will be attending Calontir Coronation, as
near 20 of Our Calontiri friends and allies attended Ours, we wish to again
greet our friends ;)

And of course, we have our own Ansteorran Team for Blood of Heroes each
year, they are called "the Mighty Lumber Weasels"


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>Subject: [Northkeep] Ferd  WAS: Candidate or not...
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>Greetings Your Majesty,
>S'truth.  Condé Fernando and I have a long history.  I have the honor of
>being his squire brother.  We grew up together in the SCA and learned
>the meaning of service, chivalry, duty, and the value of one's word from
>the same people.  What he said is exactly what I, too, believe. Ferd
>said it so well and having the benefit of recent experience, I felt it
>applicable to NK now.  I stripped away most references to Calontir and
>Three Rivers to keep it germaine.   I knew there were those who would
>identify the source anyway.  I'm somewhat surprised you are one of them.
>	Damon
>Trish Kvamme wrote:
> >
> > Sounds like someone was speaking with Earl Fernando of Calontir, am I
> >
> > Larissa :)
> >
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