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Yes, it is true that I was looking at scheduling a work day (possibly
annually).  However, I have not been given any indication whatsoever that
this would encourage the scouts to keep the prices low.  It is something
that I feel needs to be done.  We have used this site for 11 years that I
know of (my first event was at wrsc 11 years ago.)

There is obvious work that needs to be done.

I was asked to table this idea for a while.  So it has not been brought up

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i thought someone was working with wrsc to exchange repair and cosmetic work
to the site in exchange for keeping the rates lower.



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> > i am curious, if northkeep is looking for a new camp site, what about
> the
> > castle project? is it still going forward? will it still be at will
> roger's
> > boy scout camp?
> >
> > julienne
> >
> >
>        This is not any kind of official statement just my personal
> opinion.
> Will Rogers Scout Camp has significantly raised it's fees.  This has
> noticably raised the minimum number of people we have to have at an event
> in
> order to not lose money.  This has prompted us to look for other sites.
> So
> far we haven't found anything that is accaptable in terms of facilites and
> cost but we are still looking.  If we should find something that meets our
> needs at a better price then I expect that we would start using that site.
> It is also possable the WRSC will bring their fees back down to something
> we
> can better afford.  It may turn out that we can't find anything better and
> will have to just deal with this. I personally would be reluctant to
> proceed
> with a long term project like the castle until this issue is resloved one
> way
> or the other.
> Robert
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