[Northkeep] Event Sites: Distance

KTMC- AM 14 & ROCK 105.1 FM ktmc at icok.net
Thu Aug 9 13:03:14 PDT 2001

   Just my thought; as far as distance from Rundel, I think Will Rogers
is something in the 125-135 miles range. The eastern edge of Oklahoma,
in some cases, is not that far. Ft. Smith, I believe, is even closer to
Rundel than Will Rogers, so the comparitive thought of something in the
Fort Gibson area isn't bad distance-wise.
   I went up earlier this year through the area near Greenleaf State
Park and Camp Gruber, and have been at a resort a couple of times by
Lake Tenkiller. There is some pretty area up there
   Just my opinion, which, with a dollar-and-something, will buy a
64-ounce soft drink! Hmmm, I wonder how long before I start running a
quart or more low? :)


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