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Susan - I know Thorvald and Jessamy are going but Ainar and I are staying
home - his mom is in town so we're spending some time with her.

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> I have a friend coming into town tomarrow night to be here for fighter
> practice and consulting on Saturday.  It is Bianca, Sjonna, for those who
> were at fighter practice on Wednesday night.  She is also planning on
> making the Wolfstar party on Saturday night.  Out of curiousity, who all
> going?  I am still debating if I want to make the trip down for it or not.
> Anyways, back to the purpose of the post.  We are going to hit the dollar
> movie out at 71st and Memorial and see Moulin Rouge.  Depending on if we
> see the 7 or 9 show, we can go eat somewhere before or after.  We would
> love some people to come along.  Just e-mail me at home,
> catmafia at swbell.net, if you want to join us and time preference and any
> food suggestions.  If you need to call, h 628-1517 and c 605-6174.
> Susan, in Service to
> Truth, Beauty, Freedom,
> But above all...
> Love.
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