[Northkeep] Baronial Investiture Meeting...

marc-carlson at utulsa.edu marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Wed Aug 15 10:08:00 PDT 2001

Quoting Ciana O'Hara <cianaoh at yahoo.com>:
> I was told someone took notes...but not sure if they took personal
> notes or notes for the populace!!  Either way I would really like to
> see the notes so that I know what happened and what was talked > about!!

I was -told- what happened by some people, but publishing easily accessable notes means that if you remember things differently -- the notes can be adjusted and people don't have to rely on just a single person's interpretation of the events, or making sure that the rumor mill covers everything people might have thought was important.

For example, while much of what I was told repeated things I've heard here on this list, and at officer's meetings, mostly for the benefit of those who weren't at those meetings, or here on this list; I'm sure that more than the Arch was discussed.


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