[Northkeep] Local Publicity

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Aug 24 11:52:05 PDT 2001

In an earlier message I sent this about BA and have gotten at leaste one
person who would be interested.  After going over the rest of the local
papers, I wanted to check.  Is there anyone else who would like me to get
this in your local paper?  If so, which one.  If they are interested in
running an article on a local person involved in the group, would you like
to be featured?  If so, please give me all of your contact info and
permission to release that to them.  I am also interested in getting this
in the local college's papers.  So, same thing goes for you all.  Please
let me know the contact info for your school's paper and if you would like
to be in an article if they are interested.

Thank you so much for your assistance,
Susan the Curious
please send info off list to
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net.

>Hello all, I am looking for a Broken Arrow person who would like to be a
>local tag for an article on our group.  In getting the contacts for local
>media, I have someone at the Ledger who would like to do an article on us
>and needs a local person to tie the article too.  Please contact me off
>list if you are interested in this, Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net.

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