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Starcross Magnus.Heather at bujutsu.com
Fri Aug 31 18:16:07 PDT 2001

Hello Good People of Northkeep,

We are on line and ready to answer questions that you might have
pertaining to our candidacy for B&B. If you don't know us this is your chance to
get to know us. We feel that an open fourm is a good idea when it comes to being
the new B&B or your new friends in the society.

We would like to hear from members of the Keep either on line, on the phone or in
person. Please rember one thing we have a daughter due any day now, so please be
understanding with your phone calls (951-7226) 12pm to 9pm are good times. I will
be attending wednsday fighter pratice, the Moot's and populace this should give all
of you the chance to speak or E-mail us as you wish!!!!!

In the service of the Dream

Heather & Magnus Finehair
Magnus.Heather at bujutsu.com

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