[Northkeep] Your recent investiture..

Richard Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Sun Dec 2 21:39:24 PST 2001

		Unto the Barony of Northkeep....

	    Just a few words to express unto all of you.

Our journey to your fair lands was well worth it. I did learn of your
name sake. You call it Northkeep, because of the keep to the north. My
interpretation is this... "Go North..Keep Going". I have told Bordermarch
of the wonderful faces and the grand meal that was there.
All of you made Bordermarch feel welcome, and I thank you for all you
have done. We will return to your lands, and we open our keep to you as
well. As it takes all of us to make up our grand kingdom, Bordermarch
will stand beside you in peace and in war. Cantons, Shires and Baronies
hold a light within themselves. When all of those lights come togather,
that is what makes the star of Ansteorra shine so bright it does!
Congratulations dear cousins....Ainar and Mercedes. There is a wonderful
barony supporting you.
Vivat Northkeep!
In service..
Armand       Baron of Bordermarch
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