[Northkeep] Belly Dancers

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Mon Dec 3 14:39:04 PST 2001

Actually the belly dancers in the Middle Ages covered everything but their hands, feet and eyes.  It was only after the advent of cinemography that the cabaret style came into fashion.  Technically, showing that much skin was grounds for execution, rape, or worse.

The purpose of the dance was erotica, not just simple lust or sex.  The harem women used the dance as a way of enticing the sultan (or pharoah, or whomever) into her bed.  The best dancers were usually the favorite of the harem, both as a cultural and entertaining companion.  Those women had to know more than  the dance, they had to be able to, I don't know how to put it, support the men in any way they could, primarily, by being able to talk to him about anything and entertain him and his men.

Today, men see belly dancers as objects of desire, but they miss the skill and grace in the dance itself.

I'll save the rest of the lecture for another time.

Just thought I'd add my two cents worth.....


who has taken lessons and done some research, but is nowhere near even pretending to be a know anything type person!

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