[Northkeep] OT-Computer database question

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Dec 10 10:44:27 PST 2001

I would like to do up id cards for Kit's school, as easily as possible.  I
know what would work great, just need to know where to find the software
and you all are the sources I know that I can find it.

I want a database program that I can have the kids picture saved as one of
the fields, then get them to print on business cards.  Giving you a sheet
like you do when you run address lables is the function I want, just can't
remember what it is called.

So hoping someone has it, can get me a copy or knows how to write the code
to make me one real fast, who can envison things well and then knows the
people who can do it, her mission is matching them and getting things done.

Susan O'Neal
Co-Chair Teacher Resources OPT
Tulsa School of Arts and Science

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