[Northkeep] Populace and Revel Plan

Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Mon Dec 10 18:26:53 PST 2001

Ok folks.  We've finally gotten the details worked out.  We're going to have
to work together to get this thing done right.
We have decided that we ARE going to have a populace meeting this week.
Wed. night at 6:30 at Kendall-Whittier Library, 21. S. Lewis.  Please let
any and everyone know that isn't on this list.  Mercedes and I will be
calling anyone we can get in touch with from the phone list but we will need
your help getting in touch with those we don't have numbers for.  We're
sorry for the short notice.  Hopefully this will be the last time this
happens.  In a few months (June possibly) our regular meeting place will be
available again and we will be back on our regular schedule.  Until then we
ask that the Barony be flexible.

Now for the revel. That will take place on Dec. 21st,  Friday night at 7PM.
The location for this is as follows:

Oakbrook Village Clubhouse
1140 S. 111th E. Ave.

Coming East on 11th, the entrance to Oakbrook Village Condominiums will be
the last street on the right before you get to Garnett.  After turning right
on this street (111th E. Ave.), go to the second street on the right (not
sure about the name of the street, but it's probably 12th).  Turn right, and
the office/clubhouse and swimming pool will be on your right.

Thank you Zenobia for securing this location for us.  Bring yourself, your
songbooks, your drums and some munchies and we will have a fun get together
before the holidays.  Again, if you know of people who are not on any of the
Northkeep lists, please get in touch with them and let them know about the

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

Ainar & Mercedes

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