[Northkeep] Somewhat offtopic, but a thanks for all the SCA has meant to our family

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Dec 18 16:17:30 PST 2001

Kit took the PSAT this year, she had to convince her counselor that it
wouldn't be a waste of time or money as it is for Juniors and Sophomores
take it as a practice test.  Well, she scored at the 95th Percentile of all
who took it this year.  I have to just write and thank you all as a whole
for how much of Kit's education you have been.  The SCA has been the most
wonderful place in the world for our family and I thank you
greatly.  Thanks again for giving my girls a place where they can be
themselves and are accepted and challenged and tormented just as, not
forced into being 'different' than everyone, because everyone here seems to
take joy in their differences.  The SCA has saved Peg from the struggle
that Kit had once we left the MI community, thanks again.

We got her results back and were real happy with how she had done, was
pretty similer to how she has always done on standardized tests.  The cool
thing was, she is finally getting math since she has moved past the
pointless rutines and into application, she loved the Pre-AP Physics she
was taking and hopes to complete Algebra 1, Geometry and half of Algebra 2
this year and was just starting to get it when she took the test in October
right after she turned 15.

Anyways, we were at the school to pick up her assignments she has missed
since Thanksgiving, as she has been sick.  We found that she had scored 5
less than the cut off for the National Merit program this year, but it is
for Juniors.  It will be so cool to see how and what she does the next
couple of years as she is real interested in Yale after visiting with her
cousin who is there on a full ride and is now seeing it as a
possibility.  I even know what I hope for her for a graduate program, the
same thing that Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) had at Oxford, a
studentship.  It is where they support you in your further studies and you
don't have to teach or publish but most do, he had his PhD in both Theology
and Mathematics and taught and published a great deal.

We are currently working on the possibility for her going to Yale and
Oxford over Spring Break and are real excieted about the possibilities of
it happening as she would be able to travel with a homeschooled friend in
Pennsylvania if it comes together.  They would stay with Kit's cousin who
is a senior (RA also in one of the dorms) at Yale and Angel's aunt and
uncle are doing a visiting professor thing at Oxford (they teach at George
Mason or Georgetown in DC which the girls hope to visit this summer) and it
would be incredible.

Thanks for listening and hope all is well with you all, if you know of
anything that might fit in with all of this, we would love hearing from you.


also, if you are in Tulsa and interested in alternative educational
opportunities, Tulsa School of Arts and Science has been an awsome
opportunity for our family, it is about to get me digging in full force
into how to do grants, any experience is greatly appreciated.  I have
gotten applications to several in our populace and would love to get the
money and space so they can hire them.  Also, if anyone has any info on the
campus that was the Children's Medical Center, we would love to be able to
find a way for them to be able to donate it for the tax write off and then
get the grants to keep it going.  Any ideas are very, very welcome.

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