[Northkeep] prayer request for Jim's surgery

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Dec 20 06:06:18 PST 2001

A prayer request for all of you, many of you have heard me mention Jim's
surgery, well the day is apon us.  As this is his 3rd and second on this
knee, we have pretty much taken it in our stride, but the verse about
having not because we ask not ran through my head and I wanted to share a
request for you.

His surgery is scheduled for 2:45 this afternoon at St Francis and the
surgeons name is Jay Lorton.  I hope that in this surgery that he will be
able to clean up and repair the meniscus on Jim's right knee to the degree
that his range of motion and freedom of movement are restored and the cause
of pain removed.  It has been 8 years or so since the origional acute
injury to this knee and the loss of productivity and enjoyment of life
caused by it has been immeasurable, for a golfer with a less than scratch
handicap to have problems squating to read putts is a pretty major
thing.  Also, running has been something he has done little of in that
time, leading to his leaving the Army and carring many pounds that wouldn't
have been an issue otherwise.  So a full return to functionability would be
a wonderful outcome, as well as faith in a Dr to go in and do house keeping
on several other joints that have caused problems for years. (if anyone
needs a cautionary tale for a young athelete, send them my way while he is
in recuperation, 30 shouldn't have hit as hard as it did and it made him
wish the 17 year old had had much more knowledge and inforation at his

Thanks you all; prayers, thoughts and candles are appreciated.  I will be
up at the hospital from 12:30 till he is released with a possible errand
break when he is out of surgery if I am unable to visit for any time
there.  I will also accept any calming blessings you wish to bistow.  I
have plenty of reading, a dummy's guide to grant writting and a british
mystery, to keep my mind occupied, but it will probably be a very long
afternoon and early evening.

Final request, a good recovery where the girls and I can spend some
wonderful hours with him.  Since working with IMB in the last 8 months,
most of it has seen him on the road and this time is dear to us.

Thanks for all and thank you for hoping with me
my cell will be off when I am in restricted areas, but if you wish to leave
a message for me, my number is 605-6174 and if anyone wants to drop off a
meal for the girls tonight or is moved to do anything else, that would be
great...  This is our first surgery outside of the tight military community
we went through all in the past with, definatly different but thank you all
for being our community here; if you need a good laugh remind me to tell
you the Dr and Anesthesiaologists reactions when Jim mentioned they would
probably need an FBI agent present if they sedated him, so he is having a
spinal.  I miss the whole hastle of a top secret clearance being a
commonality, must be part of why all seem to see my reality as rather surreal.

also, feel free to forward this to any other lists, all prayers of healing
and hope welcome

"Hope is not the conviction that things will turn out well, but rather, the
confidence that what you are doing makes sense regardless of how it turns out."
Vclav Havel

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