[Northkeep] Havanese

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Dec 21 23:53:09 PST 2001

For those who fell in love with my new son tonight, it is nice to have
others appreciate his adorible uniqueness.  Here is a page with pics of the
breed, http://www.havanese.org/hcaorg/gallery.htm and links to history and
other info.

Now to figure out what to name him, I love the name for the kennel (or
whatever you call it when you are a breeder), we will have thanks to
Elizabetta and Mercedes (I think it was Elizabetta, who started it...) for
it; Susan's Simply Irresistable (each dogs name goes here).  Now to come up
with a more appropriate name for him than Hunter as it doesn't seem to fit
now.  Precious Pup is what keeps coming to mind, but all I know about that
cartoon is the snickering dog noise he made, but don't know  any more about
the cartoon.  Will have to call mom and check as she is the one who told me
about it in the first place.  If anyone has any other dog name
recomendations, please let me know.  Also, does anyone have any garb
sugestions?  He is going to need something to be able to go out in the
cold, so might as well make garb if I have to sew anyway...


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