[Northkeep] I found my Drum

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Dec 24 13:11:53 PST 2001

We took Kit out yesterday to find her a guitar and she got a lovely sparkly
black Stratocaster that is a delight and Peg got a harmonica.  While in the
store, I tapped the various drums and found the voice I had been waiting
for.  The price was more than I had even considered and had the means, so
paid the adoption fee and bought it.  I then took it to meet Zenobia since
her encouragement was what reawoken my desire to find what I had wanted
since I was a child and had a set of bongos and then dated drummers as a
teen.  I am thinking of a name for it and thus far I have found tambor
which is the Spanish translation and would love any other names throughout
the Meditteranian or Islam lands as suggestions.

Other thing, do to it's form, I am going to need to custom carring
bag.  They called the drum a kick drum or a djembe as it's tons on the top
are that of a djembe and the bottom has another head that can be played by
hand or with a kick petal.  Both heads are tunable and easily
replaced.  What I envision as a carring case will need asistance from one
of my many leatherworking friends.  I envision a bottom of heavy leather
sown into the shape of a bowl that the fabric carrier will fit down inside
and be sewn to.  I also will need another band of leather sewn around the
area where the tie downs are for the top drum head and with straps set at
10 and 2 to use to carry it either by hand or on my back.  I would enjoy
all leather but don't know if I could manage that much weight as the drum
it's self is pretty heavy.  It would be the best solution, because of the
amount of metal attached is likely to cause damage to anything near it.  If
any of you are interested in working on this project with me, contact me
off list and we will figure out a time for you to meet.  The basic
dementions of the drum is about 15-18" diameter out to the bindings and the
height adjusts from about 30-40" and weighs 20 pounds.

for those who had drums for me to meet, mine is looking forward to the
meeting and may try to convence me it wants to bring home friends to stay...

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