[Northkeep] House Warming Party

Ren Picard kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com
Sun Dec 30 04:55:43 PST 2001

Hello Everyone!!!
Just wanted to share some really great news
and invite any who would be interested...

We are moving into a new house and would like
to invite you to a House Warming Party.  It will be
Saturday, January 5th starting at 7:00ish (pm) until
whenever.  You are more than welcome to crash
at my place if you want to stay.  It will take place
at 509 W. 8th St. in Newkirk, OK...

I know it's a long way away, but I wanted to make
sure all of you knew you were welcome to come.
That is for more than just the 5th, that is for when ever.

Take care and Happy New Year
Ryn the Gimp
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