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Update for the office of the Reeve:
After Anton was Sigen Freidricksdottir & then myself (Brigid MacCana) for short
while (less than 6 mo?) was Elenor Fitzpatrick & then back to me and then on to
Wilhelm der Wolf.

For the office of Librarian/Historian:
After Elizabetta was Katsutoshi & then Maidenhair

Ly Brigid

Fitzmorgan at cs.com wrote:

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>        I took a look at the listing of officers and have several corrections
> and questions.  I'm posting them here so others can jump in to correct me if
> I'm wrong.
> Robert
> The Seneschal's look right to me.
> Reeve:
> I think Marc du Provence was reeve before Eveline and that Anton was reeve
> after Eveline.
> Before Mercedes was Wilhelm der Wolf
> KM:
>        I've heard several times that William Blackfox was our first KM, but
> I've also heard that Candy was our first KM and William was the 2nd.
>        I think that Balvin was KM either just before or just after Colin.  I
> might be wrong.  I'm also thinking that Thorvald was our KM once, (after
> Gest?)
> Archery:
>        Kostia was our Baronial Archery marshall after Carlyle.  Blackfox was
> archery marshall, I think it was before Carlyle.
> A & S
>        The progression should be:
> Colin
> Robert Fitzmorgan
> Ruadhagan Mor
> Thorvald
> Elisabeta
>        I think that Catrin was our A&S minister once but I'm not sure.  I
> remember Mistress Rosalyn as A&S when I started.  Anora was A&S sometime
> before I started as was Henry the Pennitent.  I don't think that Beorthlic
> has ever been our A&S Minister, but he was Northern Regional A&S a few years
> back.
> Herald:
>        Catrin and Anton were jointly Herald just befroe Etienne's 1st time.
> I think Kevin was before them.
> Chronicler:
>        I believe that Cheryl de Scotia (sp) took over as chronicler from
> William, the William took it briefly before Malcolm took it.  Then Ismet,
> then Robert Fitzmorgan, then Richart.   I don't remember anything about Anora
> being Chronicler but i could be forgetting.  I think that William took over
> from Roselyn but I could be wrong.
> Historian/Librarian
>        I think Kerian had it before Elisabeta, and before him Livia.  If I
> remember correctly Livia gave up the office when she became seneschal.
>        These are the best I can do off the top of my head.
> Robert
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