[Northkeep] Announcment--and question ;)

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Dec 2 07:43:39 PST 2001

>Careful guys....he's a gypsie....he may try to just
>run off with me. ;)

Oh boy, that would be fun.  Sort of the way I went and got married.  Lets
put it this way, in less than a week Jim and I will have known each other
for 16 years.  In about a week from now, it will be 16 years since the
point I realized that he would have my heart forever.  Given that, I
personally think that it is amazing that we waited all the way untill
February to get married.  I think we needed Kit as a way to get our
families to not freak, for we knew just as strongly then as we do now, that
what we had was magical and a definate once in a lifetime thing.

I wish you as much joy and contentment and adventure in your marriage as I
have had in mine,

Susan the very Contented Goodwife
(yep, this is a Jim home weekend and I am quite happy)

so, you are going to share the joy and fun of a period wedding with us,
arn't you?

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