[Northkeep] bellydancing?! A dangerous thought!

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> > Darn, you can come out and bellydance tonight instead if you
> > like?  As for your mean shipmates, tell them we have missed
> > seeing them, it has been ages since I have seen so many of
> > them (Castellan).  Hope Faocon is doing well and they are
> > more settled and possibly closer to being moved up there, if
> > that might still happen.
> >
> >
> >
> > Susan the idealist
> Wait a darn minute here...I thought we were supposed to WATCH
> bellydancing not participate! I have far more belly than anyone needs to
> see dancing about in public, I think....
> Sioned/Janece
> Pro-bellydancing
> Anti-her-own-belly-dancing-in-public

But hey, Belly dancing is great for working those stiff joints and toning up
those tummy muscles. My Physical therapist suggested it for me! (And if truth
be told I have more tummy then will ever be seen in polite company!)lol
Besides larger women are more period belly dancers, and with a period outfit,
you are completely covered... well ok almost.
Lady Susannah Blackthorne

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