[Northkeep] bellydancing?! A dangerous thought!

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And if you want to really shock your husband...

There is evidence of period ME dance outfits that were bare from the hips up.  Don't let anybody get away telling you that showing the belly wasn't period.  It's not the outfits we don't do so well at recreating. It's the locations where this sort of dance would be going on (Brothels and _Private_ Family get togethers).


"Mercedes de Cerdanya" <steldr at home.net> wrote:

>You can be as covered or uncovered as suits you, really.  I've seen
>everything from a full length caftan to a modern cabaret style outfit at
>events......your choice.
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>> > But hey, Belly dancing is great for working those stiff
>> > joints and toning up those tummy muscles. My Physical
>> > therapist suggested it for me! (And if truth be told I have
>> > more tummy then will ever be seen in polite company!)lol
>> > Besides larger women are more period belly dancers, and with
>> > a period outfit, you are completely covered... well ok
>> > almost. Lady Susannah Blackthorne
>> Actually I'd love to learn how (yep, I suspect my husband just fell out
>> of his chair in shock! Heh.) So how covered is covered? My cousin Anne
>> was a part of a group/class for a while and she LOVED it for the tone
>> and elasticity it gave her tummy. Maybe I need to do some research on
>> this after all....
>> Sioned/Janece
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