[Northkeep] How people look at history was history endeavor

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Dec 10 09:10:20 PST 2001

>i personally prefer oral history to video cameras :D

Definatly, that is why we have one that has been barly been used,

I would much rather remember what happened, because I was involved.  When I
hold the agates my father played marbles with, I touch him and his
strength.  For I remember the stories he told me when I was little with
them rolling through his fingers and felt the love and meaning he had for
them, for he was a master storyteller and he was just sharing all he saw
and knew and it was immeasurable.  For family history, expecially, it is
the interpretation of the event and how it shapped you that is the
critical.  I am going to work to get my mom all of our old computerware
into a set up where she can remember all of her stories and get all the
documents scanned in and I will take digital pics of all that she has.  We
have video tape of her walking through the house and telling the stories
and together it will all give my decendents and all of my cousins a way to
have access to what she has been the guardian of.  It has been really cool
watching as the last of her aunts die, last one died last year at 99 and
she was the last of 11 daughters of incredible _________, her cousins bring
all the extra family mementos to mom to protect.

I will make it where she can make all that accessable to them and with it
on CD's and then wrap it up on the DVD burner Jim is waiting to come down
in price, into a small format where they can all have access to as much of
our heratige is as possible.  I can't wait to get a family e-list going,
for if it is half as much fun as a family reunion, I will smile and laugh
even more than I do now.

who is glad her mother is a guardian of the past
and I hope to be a guardian of the fire for the future

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