[Northkeep] awsome dresses was Photos on My Baronial Photo Page....

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Dec 10 09:37:37 PST 2001

>You are beautiful even if you are wearing a sack cloth. But I know what you
>mean, nothing like an awesome dress to make you feel really special.

Amanda, you hit right on the nail.  Miri, sorry I have the hardest time
remembering to call her Zahava here and she is Miri in my mind and heart,
is one of the most lovely women I have ever seen.  I think that her
precious face in a painting of the Madonna would be absolutly awsome, is
Anne on this list?  For her gazing into the unknown filled with trust is a
sight that makes the heart well up with joy and hope.  Actually, what are
the fates?  they are the embodiment of the best of, arn't they?  I would
love to see the beauty and all captured in my memory, may have to do it
with my camera, for as I told Galiwyn, Angelena is one of the most
beautiful and powerful women I have ever seen, what a face on a strong
angel serving justice.  If we can capture some of those elements of the
culture we try to replicate, it will be awsome.  To bad our dear Lady
Francesca is out of kingdom, for we know she can do it on paper and I hope
we can get my latest deputy working on organizing our efforts on film and
in 0's and 1's.  Thank you all for being my dream and allowing the dream to
be for my girls, for your influence on them is immeasurable and that is of
all impart to me; as I can have fun wherever I am and always will.

As for the sack cloth, I love hiding in it.  It is so bizzare when I wear
my blue dress how it draws so much attention.  If I could figure out how
for it not too, I would make up the bolsters of fabric I have waiting into
more tudor garb, but this little Manxwoman will hide out on her isle making
baskets, for the Irish Sea is a 'safe' place and one has to remember our
history, the norse lived amoung us and did not concur us and then they
later left, well those who weren't so enterwined in our lives to as have
become part of us.  I love that strength of independence and will to be who
you are and have others near, but it not make you into something that has
been absorbed, but intertwined as the who symbols are on the celtic crosses
that mark their resting places.

The invitation to the Tudor court is something, however much I love the
beauty of the dresses, will be hard for my to give up my gaelic comfort
for.  But the material is in their taunting me, saying just think what I
will look like.  That and the dream of playing dress up in Larissa's
closest is enough to draw me to court and to have her want to see my dress
(along with her other words that broke me to tears along with the great
honor that Robert gave me in his words (by the way, if either of you
remember them and can write me, it will mean far more to me than the scroll
which is a keepsake for my dear Kitty) made it worth my being in front of
all being acknowledged, for I am so used to being the encourager and one
who praises, it is really difficult for me to accept the same.  But I would
like to be able to be as comfortable as Larissa and Myleah in their
dresses, for those are of great beauty to me.  Once I am there, watch out
because Tudor at fighter practice should be funny and the right temp for
this kind of weather.

you may call me Lady Susan if you so wish,
but I will always just be Susan irrgardless of what may follow
as a wise woman in Antir just refered to as alphabet soup

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