[Northkeep] Populace and Revel Plan

Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Mon Dec 10 19:39:08 PST 2001

Hello Everyone,

First thank you to their excellencies Ainar and Mercedes for all their hard
work and in getting these meetings scheduled. I know it is a lot to ask but
please be understanding in this the current situation. With our old meeting
place still under construction and the previous library having booked our
dates to another group we are in a bit of a difficult situation but we do
have the use of the Kendall-Whittier Library, for as long as we need it this
year. I have spoken with the Tulsa Library and the Martin East library on
Garnet will be reopening some time this summer. At which time we will be
able to go back to the last  Monday of the month untill then please be

We have our anual WinterKingdom event coming up with in a month. The
Autocrats Elizabetta and Janet will need our support and help. See these
lovely ladies for details on the event and to volunteer or to teach a class.
The Barony could use every hand and hardworking body out there helping.

Please come out for the populace meeting this week and then for the Revel
next wekend. If you have any questions or issues about how things are going
for Northkeep please let me know. My home and work contact information is
attached below please feel free to contact me.

If I don't see you before Christmas have a happy holiday!

Kind regards,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Seneschal Northkeep

herring at upperspace.net
(918) 825-2096

Jerry Herring
jherring at upperspace.com
(918) 824-1159

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