[Northkeep] awsome dresses was Photos on My Baronial Photo Page....

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Dec 10 20:41:15 PST 2001

>i think you should make the tudor garb. that way you will have it on hand
>should you have the desire to wear it. you can also enter it in a & s
>competitions if you choose not to wear it.

That would be if I liked sewing.  Now to get my mother in law that in her
future retirement that she really likes making garb.  It is one of those
necessary evils of being in the SCA, sort of like camping. I do like the
being at events with everything close, just really prefered being at
Robber's Cave as the cabins did make it feel like a small community, that
was great.


any of our history buffs know anything about the Havana Silk Dogs?  I was
told it was recently made into a AKC registered breed and there are like
3000 registered.  They were bred from a dog brought to Cuba, not sure on
date yet, and some were 'introduced' to the US in the late 70's.  My new
one is the most perfectly wonderful dog, the calmest 4 month old.  Also,
for those who were at fighter practice the night were rescused the poor
little shivering kitty, she is doing well and we hope she is pregnant. The
other addition are two Dagu that are loving their 55 gal aquerium.

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