[Northkeep] Populace and Revel Plan - Forward

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Mon Dec 10 21:57:16 PST 2001

    Don't let your puppy guilt you into spoiling her/him by letting it be on
your lap while you do email, type, etc.  You must be firm about this.  The
solution is to buy another computer chair, park it next to your chair, put the
puppy blankie in it and explain that that is where the puppy sits during such
    You can't let them have their way all the time.  Just remember the blankie
needs to be soft and warm and the chair no further away than 6 inches.

Catrin, strict dogmom

Susan wrote:

> >Subject: [Northkeep] Populace and Revel Plan - Forward
> This is my official notice to go to bed, this typing over a puppy is funny,
> expecially when he rests his chin on the keyboard.
> Susan
> who is understanding Catrin and her dog at things,
> I am thinking baby sling...
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