[Northkeep] Revel info please

Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Fri Dec 21 05:07:11 PST 2001

Also to expand on Zenobia's post, yes it is garb, bring any sort of
munchie/drink that you like, come and enjoy yourselves.  We will see you all
there tonight.  We will have about 5 gallons of cider with us.
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> Okay, for those of us who are memory impaired, please remind me of when
> where the revel is. And is it pot luck ...are we supposed to bring
> out of a particular category or just anything? Is it garb or no garb?
> Yes, I know that was only two questions... not what you generally expect
> me. But it's late, I've beeen runnign all week, and I'm very tired.
> Lynn the Inquisitive
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