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>Why worry about HIM?  Please, as you love life, don't give him more

That's all right -- I just realized it was wrong -- damn.

The first King and Queen weren't Richard the Short and Marynel of
Darkhaven (although both were present).  The winner of the tournament was
"Sir Deutsche Bursenschaft" and his lady was a "simple peasant maid" who no
one could remember later.  He returned home to Germany almost immediately
and she vanished about the same time, and the runners up got the post, and
are considered the first King and Queen in the SCA.

Although there were said to be about 50 people there I can only figure out
37 at the moment...

1 May 1966, 2219 Oregon St. Berkeley CA

SCA Name        Party name/Notes
???		???, Siegfried von Hoflichskeit's date
???		Nathan Retarius
???		???, Diana's Roomate; Now a cloistered nun.
Astrid of Hawk Ridge, Countess	Queen Lucy of Narnia; Now Astrid Bear
                (Poul Anderson's Daughter)
Aegineous; Richard the Short; Richard of Mont Real Duke, King 1.1
                 Sir Aeginius
Ardral Argo verKaeysc 1st Knight    David the Herald
???		 ???, Diana's Roomate
Elfrid/Elflaeda of Greewalls, Mistress Dona Ximena; deceased
Walter of Greenwalls "hairy hermit wild"; deceased  (Walter Breen)
Fulke de Wyvern	Duke  Sir Kenneth
???		???, Later Bigglestone, later Winter; now Sloan
Bo of York	???
Steven MacEannruig Sir   Sir Henderson
Beverly Hodghead, Master    Beverly Hodghead, singer?; deceased
                (First Laurel, though not at this event)
David of Ilwheirlane     David Hodghead
                         Ellen Hodghead
Marynel of Darkhaven Duchess, Queen 1.1    Marynel Hodghead
Frederick of Holland Duke     Sir Frederick of Holland
Israel ben Jacob	      Lord Mediocrates of Hellas; Deceased
???		              ???
???		              ???
???		              ???
Henrick of Havn	Duke	      Sir Henrick the Dane
Diana Listmaker	Mistress      ??? (Diana Paxton)
Stefan de Lorraine	      ???
(Not sca)		      Elizabeth Pope Of Mills College
                              - Patron saint of the
                              Authenticity Police?; Deceased
Mary of Tamar Duchess         Mary
Felice of Mahem House	      Lady of Galadriel's Court; Felice Maxam
Jon De Cles', The Red Baron Baron  ???, Eventually married Paxon
Siegfried von Hoflichskeit Duke ???
Mariana Silversea	      Eowyn of Rohan; Diana's Roomate
???	1st King	      Sir Deutsche Bursenschaft
???		              Edwin Bersaerk; deceased (Edwin Zimmer)
???	1st Queen	      ???, "a simple peasant maid"
Bela of Eastmarch	      1st Tourney - latecomer	???, Deceased
                (Poul Anderson)
Harold Breakstone	      1st Tourney - latecomer	???, Deceased
Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse    ???, Mother of Edwin Bersark

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