[Northkeep] Dog question and deupty thing was Just as a bit of amusement...

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Dec 21 12:25:22 PST 2001

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>Why worry about HIM?  Please, as you love life, don't give him more
>The Wife

Not wanting more projects?  I was writing a post earlier to the Annsteorra
list about Period Dogs and realized that in various things I brought up
there that I am facinated by any one of them could be a complete obsession
for life and they are just a few of the interests I enterain....  People
who have nothing to bring up when you ask what they are passionate about or
interested in or are dealing with bordom baffle me.

It is that whole Curious thing, I love the knowing the essence of things
and how they all fit together, so have an insatiable desire to find out
about everything.  As this monumental task is impossible, oh to have been
alive when you could contain all that they had figured out already and just
go in new directions, now a myriad of paths offer more than what could be
summized a few hundred years ago: the choices of how to spend the time
exploring become so imperative.  Part of why I love to listen to people
tell me of their passions, for they have winnowed through so much of the
chafe and allow me to see so much of the essance of (whatever, as so many
things facinate me this is definatly on that infinity path as there is no
defined number).  This is also part of why the resource thing and
hospitaller's office are so easy for me, I am just pulling out the things
that I have filed away.

My duputies are a great case in point, they are just having a title to go
with the things they were already doing as part of the plea I put out at
the beginning and with them each having an area of focus, I can see the
overview and help coordinate as opposed to trying to do it all.  It
capitolizes on my tangentical thinking as opposed to penalize us all for my
inability to stay on track.

The band of merry men (seeing if this might be a good term for them...)
currently covers:
    * Hospitality at Events, Galiwyn
    * Gold Key, Loaner Garb, Meryn
    * Demo Director, Lady Catin
    * Visual images, Lady Isabela
        * there is a task force under here of Baron Robert, William, Lady
Zahava, Stonie, TJ and with Lynn the Inquisitive and Marcus Quietly serving
as ready resources; anticipate great things from them and let me know if
you would like to assist in this project in any way.
    * College Liason, Micheal
    * seems like there is something and someone here, but can't for the
life of me remember what and Jim just got up, so will leave this as is.
Ones who would/will be other than they aren't currently registered
    * Portable memory to keep the tangentical one on task, Kitty
    * Scribe, Sionade
    * Guild Liason and Co-Moderator Reminders Project, Zenobia
On the note of Period Dogs, I will try to make it by tonight for a brief
while, expecially as Belle left me something to deliver.  (Catrin, will you
and Anton be there?)  Would it be ok for me to bring my new baby with
me?  I will make him some garb real quick this afternoon...  and will need
to find the sling I threw together the other day...

and her precious pup....

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