[Northkeep] Havanese

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Dec 22 00:23:49 PST 2001

>why don't you give him a name from your sca country and time?

That was far more a temptation when I got the son that is representative of
my country.  Fluffy is a Manx and the key reason why I knew that the Isle
of Man existed in the first place.  I was 8 when I met my first Manx, my
cat had kittens in the chair with me and the three kittens had the three
tail length; rumpy, stumpy and a full tail.  When I got him, I tryed and
tryed to find a period name and started with Paidraig that I had intended
if my last one due on St Patrick's day had been a boy, but she was
definatly my Peggy Ann.

I just read over her pedagree, the friend who got the brother bought it and
sent me a copy.  In looking at the names, I really want to have something
that will look good when they show up on Pedigrees and a bonus would be
names of Cuban origion, preferably from the 1500's.  If anyone knows a site
I can find such a thing, it owuld be greatly appreciated.

As for mine, he is sable and looks like a small version of Benji.  I have
some pics of him I can send if anyone wants I will send them offlist, you
can look at the pedigree too if you like...

Susan the silly dog owner,
it is scary when you become the person
you used to make fun off...

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