[Northkeep] Bow & arrows for sale

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Dec 27 20:00:49 PST 2001

>By the way...I also have a bow and arrows for sale.
>It's a 25 pound recurve (great for beginners/teens)
>and some field-tipped arrows.  Asking $30 for the lot.
>  E-mail me for info.  :)

Ok, I am trying to take an interest in messing with archery again, Lord of
the Rings was a great inspiration.  If I could have a bow that I draw like
Legolas, it would overcome all the problems I have always had.  My arm
elbow rotates and get in the way if I hold it in the conventional way, but
I would like a smaller, more flexable bow that I could hold horizontally or
at an angle and probably be a fairly decent shot.

I would also like for some of our archers to discuss the differences
between different types of SCA archery and how the bows differ.  What I
have seen of the combat arrows, I am baffled by what sort of trajectory
they must have.  How do those fly?  Also, what sort of dangers are there to
being a white diamond archer?  What sort of armor do you need?

Thinking about the joys of archery,

I know if I cup shotted the bear,
he would have fallen down...

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