[Northkeep] acceptable weapons for light fighting

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 19:20:30 PST 2001

For Youth Rapier (12-17) the foil is the only weapon
that is legal and a gorget must be worn at all times.
For Adults in Ansteorra legal weapons include foil
(which is legal but seldome seen), epee, schlagger,
and del tin(sp?). Oh and the flexi-daggar.  The foil
and the epee are "light rapiers" where the schlagger
and the del tin are "heavy rapiers". For light raipers
(adults) do not need to wear a gorget- a puncture
resistant (ie passes punch test, 4 layers of trigger
minimum) hood and 3-weapons mask are sufficent, while
heavy rapiers require that as well as a rigid material
gorget.   If you are familliar with modern fencing you
will note the absence of sabers-- and that is
correct-- they are not legal.

(who will be out fighting again soon-- as soon as I
drag my lazy butt out there)

worf428  wrote: I have the latest copy of the rules
for rapier fighting, but Whichweapons are acceptable
for Ansteorra,in general and Northkeep, inspecific.All
help is
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