NK - The Queen and The Pope

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Sat Feb 3 19:52:21 PST 2001

The Queen of England and the Pope were seated side by side on the platform at 
an event. After speaking to one another, the subject of the innate powers of 
their respective offices came up.
"Isn't it just curious, that with a wave of my hand, I can bring this crowd 
to its feet, cheering," said her Majesty.
"Quite the contrary, " said the Pope. "I can, with a nod of my head, cause 
every Irishman in the world to rise to his feet cheering."
"Well," said the Queen, smiling through her teeth, " my dear Pontiff, I 
should very much like to see that."
With that, the Pope leaned over and head-butted her...
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