NK - Principality Opinion Survey

Burke McCrory burkemc2 at home.com
Mon Feb 5 00:27:58 PST 2001

Greetings to the Northern Region of Ansteorra.

As most of you know over the last six months I have been conducting a 
series of educational round tables on the issues of principality here in 
Northern Ansteorra.  Throughout these discussions it became clear that 
there is a great deal of support for the idea of creating a formal 
principality committee here in the North.  But because not everyone living 
in the North attended one of these discussions, there is no way to truly 
know if this is the majority opinion of the populace in the North.  To this 
end I have spoken at length with Their Majesties (both past and present) 
and the Kingdom Seneschal, Master Richard and I have proposed conducting an 
opinion poll of the people in the north to see if there truly is enough 
interest to start a more formal process.  Both the Crown and Master Richard 
have no objections as long as the process is conducted in a fair and open 
manner.  To make sure that the survey is fair and open, I have asked 
Countess Vanessa de Verona and Master Lucais du Belier to be the other 
members of the survey review committee,  this should address any questions 
as to the validity and fairness of the survey.  I have also set the closing 
date of the survey for the end of March to give everyone a fair chance to 
participate if they want to.  The survey is available for anyone living in 
Northern Ansteorra and is not restricted to paid members only.  When the 
survey date closes the survey review committee will meet and prepare a 
report of the results that will be made available to everyone.  It should 
be stressed that this is NOT the formal poll that would be conducted to 
create a Principality, but is an opinion poll to see if there is enough 
interest to start a more formal process.  I have sent copies of the survey 
to all of the local seneschal's of the Northern region and have asked their 
help in distributing them.  I will also be making the survey available for 
download through a web page I hope to have up early this week.  I ask that 
everyone who lives in the North and is interested to seek out a copy of the 
survey and fill it out if you wish.  Finished surveys can be given to any 
of the survey review committee members, your local seneschal, or mailed to 
Master Lucais du Belier.  Please fill out only one survey each, so that we 
can get a true representation of the populace's feelings in the 
results.  If anyone has any questions please email me or post them to this 
list and I will try and answer them as quickly as possible.  Thank you for 
you time.

Baron Sir Burke Kyriell Mac Donald, OP

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