NK - Children's signin/out

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 5 18:25:12 PST 2001


There seemed to be some confusion at wInterkingdom regarding the sign-in/out
sheets for the children's activities.  With Northern Regional Tribute on the
horizon I will try to clarify.

Children participating in the Moc activities must be signed in and out by a
parent or guardian each time they enter or leave the area.  Parent or
guardian includes those bringing children, not their own, with a signed and
notarized waiver.  It does not include older siblings, family friends, etc.

This is Kingdom policy pending further guidelines from Copora.

Any one having questions or comments about the policy may phone me or e-mail
me privately, or they may contact the Kingdom MoC, Countess Anora.


lady Siobhan
Northern Regional Minister of Children

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