ANST-Announce - Siege Weapon Rules for Gulf War X

Lawrence Ruiz lruiz at
Thu Feb 8 21:48:27 PST 2001

Greetings from the officer of Siege Weapons Marshal - Ansteorra,

The siege rules for Gulf War X are posted at  I ask all siege personnel to read
and understand the rules prior to Gulf War X.  As per my request, we all
(the three siege weapons marshals) agreed to the keep it simple and safe

Now to clarify the rumors I have heard.

Do I have to be an authorized heavy fighter to operate a siege weapon? 
No.  You must be an authorized non-combatant in approved heavy armor
with one person in the three man crew having the siege weapon
certification.  The armor approval is conducted by the Earl
Marshallete's office and your non-combatant authorization must be prior
to Gulf War.  Remember, there will be no authorizations at Gulf War.

Do my ballista bolts have to have fins on them?  No.

It says I am touch kill as a siege engine crew member, but I want to
fight, what do I do?  As a siege engineer you will be killed by a simple
touch wiith an opponent's weapon IF you do not have a wepon in hand and
ready to fight.  The moment you pick up a shield and weapon, you are no
longer a siege engineer, but a heavy combatant and the rules for heavy
combat apply.  If the thought of even being touched does not appeal to
you, I recommend the universal sign for death, lay down on the ground in
sufficient time that the fighter is well aware of your intentions.

Does my bungeelista pass?  Yes.  The three kingdom's siege weapons
marshals have further agreed to certify the bungeelistas at this war so
that in the unfortunate event that bungeelistas are banned, the current
machines may be grandfathered for future use.  For Ansteorra, this will
be a simple 3x5 card with my signature on it affixed to the machine.  If
the machine has a catastrophic defect, remember, it will have to be
rebuilt and recertified to the siege weapons rules in place at that

Red tape down the length of the ballista bolt?  An easier way to achieve
this I think is with a can of spray paint.  Lay all your bolts out on
the ground and simply spray paint the side up.  I do apologize for the
added expenditure to all the engineers, but this was alot simpler than
asking for the 1 foot extension that society proposed.

Does my tennis ball have to be secured with string as proposed in the
new society rules?  With the duct tape on the bolt and the paint on the
bolt can you tell if the tennis ball is secured with string without
taking apart your ballista bolt?  I hope you understand where this is
going without having to put it in black and white.  If you need further
explanation, please email me privately.

All tennis balls must have a slit in them.  I must be able to collapse
the tennis ball.  I do not want anyone hurt through carelessness.

Why no gleaning of bolts?  Trimaris will be using PVC bolts which will
shatter when stepped on.  This will require the bolts to be inspected
prior to use by a marshal.  While PVC bolts are not illegal, the golf
tube bolts are lighter, will not shatter, and are just as effective as
the PVC bolts.  The three of us will be discussing this at war and may
come up with a standard that makes us all happy.

Safety, safety, safety.  All engineers please ensure your machines are
safe to operate and you would be willing to be hit with the ammunition
you propel.  For bungeelista engineers, remember your surgical tubing is
photosensitive and may have cracked already since you built your
machine.  It may be time to renew it.  Bring a little extra to war for
other Ansteorrans who may not take these precautions as well.  If in
doubt about your engine, assume the worst and make it safe.  I am always
willing to answer any design questions as best I can.

I have had numerous requests for authorizations and have done quite a
few lately.  I also realize most people will wait till the last possible
moment to get authorized, so to facilitate the authorization process I
have created a lot of siege weapon marshals.  These are:

Ly. Muirin Reachlinn
Deputy Siege Weapon Marshal - Ansteorra
Student of Eques Romanius Scipio Vesperanius
muirin at

Northern Regional Siege Weapon Marshal
Ld. Fathir von Trier
Bryon Nelson
B2nelson at

Acting Western Regional Siege Weapon Marshal (Thank you very much for
accepting this, I really apreciate it)
Feldwebel (Centurion) Erasmus Todengraber
Ozymandias Adams
1724 Main Street
Lubbock Tx.79401
Ozyadams at

Central Regional Siege Weapons
HL Caradoc Cadwgon Doughlas
Robert Harffner
Caradoc at

Loch Ruadh/Elfsea
Ld. Bjorn Grimmson

Lothair Wildehaar
Jacques the Spink

Centurion Almar Bjarklo
Don Wilkinson

Southern Regional Siege Weapons
Ly. Bronwen Bocher
DeAnn Graves
Bronwen at

Coastal Regional Siege Weapons
Ld. Wayland of Durloch
Scott Griffin
Lrdwayland at

Loch Soilleir
HE Centurion Ulsted the Unsteady
ulsted at

In closing, this will be my second Gulf War as Siege Weapons Marshal for
Ansteorra which means that I might have to hand the reins of this office
to another for next year's war.  If you are interested in this wonderful
office, and I do mean this as it has been great, then I ask that you let
me know so you can see how we do Gulf War this year from the siege
weapon perspective.  To all of my regional and local marshals, thank you
and keep up the great work!

I remain in your service,
Ld. Lawrence the Rampant of Ram's Isle
Squire to Sir Arenveld Kief av Kiersted
Squire to Eques Romanius Scipio Vesperanius
DEM Siege Weapons - Ansteorra
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