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<< I was born in oklahoma and i dont understand why
 people call us yankees.  >>

Baulsac, et al,

I should have qualified my post further. No, I don't consider Okies to be 
yankees.  I like Oklahoma very much, thank you, otherwise I wouldn't have 
chosen to stay here.
However, you can keep the northeast, and especially the midwest.  I've 
occasionally spent some time traveling in those godforsaken places like 
Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, etc.  I don't include Minnesota, cause 
anyone who eats lutefisk and has Jessie Ventura for Governor has got some 
soul in them.  But most of what those aforementioned parts of the country 
consider cuisine, I would have a hard time feeding to a dog.  The food is so 
bland, yech.
But now Oklahoma, ah yes, good old chicken fried steak, mmm.  When it comes 
to food, definitely the South, Southeast, Southwest have the rest of the 
country beat hands down.
I think I'll go boil some peanuts!

proud to ride w/ the I-44 gang

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