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<< Okay.. I feel I must say something considering where I came from. 
 There are many fine cuisines to be had in the northeast. Think of the 
 many cultures that are brought together in the large meltingpot of 
 New York. The area is full of fine dining and the best perogies in 
 the world. Oh and the pizza in the northeast... is way better, too.
 From the City of Brotherly Love,

Ok, Chicago, Philly and New York have some ok food, I must admit.  But other 
than that, the places(s) are utter pits of crap.  Why else are you living 
here? Any of you that wants to move back, I'll be happy to contribute $25 
toward a fund to return you to there.

The Route 44 Posse is in the house!

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