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Tue Feb 13 11:05:43 PST 2001

Greetings all!    The Westgate Winter Collegium event   'How to do
Practically Anything in the SCA'  is being held in southwest Houston on
Saturday, February 17th (this weekend!) for a full day of classes and
activities.   The classes are all set and the schedule is finalized.
Please check out our website at <>
for the details, or your recent Black Star.

The Classes and a list of recommended supplies to bring are following.
Some classes may request a fee to offset materials or handout cost.

Beginners Beading  (please bring a piece of cloth, needles, thread, and
So You Want to Be An Event Steward,
How to Create a Budget for an Event or Feast,
Seneschal's Warranting Class,
Treasurer's Warranting Class,
Kingdom Awards and Insignia,
How to Write an Award Recommendation and the Path It Travels,
Packing for Events, Especially War,
How to Entourage,
How to Run a Head Table at Feast,
Inkle and Simple Card Weaving (please bring Inkle loom, shuttle, cards-if
you have, and thread (Knit crosheen type, not yarn),
Beginning Blackwork (please bring embroidery hoop, Aida or crossstitch
cloth, floss thread (black or other colors), needles), SCA Knot Tying,
Care and Feeding of a Fighter,
How to Set Up an SCA Demonstration,
How to Be a Court Herald,
How to Be a Branch Historian,
Survey of Name Constructions in SCA Cultures,
Archery 99,
Basic SCA Heraldry,
Marshalling for Heavy Armored,
How to Turn a Mundane Campsite into a Medieval Encampment,
How to Make an Inexpensive Day Pavilion,
How to Make a Period Pavilion,
Herbal Vinegars (please bring cleaned bottles with lids or corks),
All Day First Aid/CPR Class (will provide modern Certification, and enable
you to apply as an Apprentice Chirurgeon)  There is one space currently
available for this class which has a limit of 10 persons, and possibly a
few more day of the event, dependent on an additional teacher attending.

Plus, an All Day Charter Painting Table will be available.

We look forward to an enjoyable and educational day as your hosts.   Bring
your notepads and pencils!
Mistress Hillary Greenslade, OP          Westgate Class Coordinator

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