ANST-Announce - Dead Line for Group Land Requests: March 1, 2001

Brian and Pam Martin twinoak at
Wed Feb 14 09:54:39 PST 2001

Greetings All,

Gulf War rapidly approaches, and with it the need to organize the
Ansteorran encampment. Therefore, I must ask that all group land
requests be sent in by March 1. If your group, be it a barony, shire,
household, or just a group of friends wishes to camp together in one
group in the Ansteorran encampment, you must request space from the
appropriate Regional Land Coordinator (see contact information below)
with the following information:

        Group Name
        Group's Region
        SCA & Mundane Names of Group Members

        If your group would like to bring a group pavilion, please
include the dimensions of the pavilion in         the request. I will
try to get land for pavilions, but I can not give assurances.

I would be most appreciative if someone in the group -baron, seneschal,
volunteer, whatever- would gather the names of the group and email the
information so we don't have hundreds of individual emails to keep track
of. If more people wish to be added to a group after the initial
information is sent, we will add them to the list as long as they have

Once we receive a group's information, we will check the member's names
against the pre-registration list. We will assign a plot of land (10X15)
for everyone in the group who is pre-registered, and that is how the
space is determined for each group. I will arrive at the site early and
map out/rope off all of the groups' spaces, and mark each camp with the
appropriate group's name.=20

I will have volunteers posted at the gate for the first few days who
will direct people to the Ansteorran camp. Once you get to the main
camp, look for your group's sign or for people in your group.

Regional Land Coordinators:

West: Centurion Britta MacGregor (thebrutely1 at
Central: Lady Arabella deMontacute(ladyarabella at
Coastal: Sir Alexis La Bueche (drwise at
Northern & Southern: Sir Pendaran Glamorgan (twinoak at

Please email me if you have any questions or difficulties.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,
HE Sir Pendaran Glamorgan,
Ansteorran Liaison, Gulf War X
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