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> I would also like to single out Eldern Hills for a special Thank You.  Not 
> only did various members of their populace help with getting feast ready, 
> they also served feast and washed dishes after.  You all were blessings to 
> a very tired Northkeep kitchen staff. 

Add mine to it, too. They are Ansteorra's treasures. It was a pleasure to 
assist in the kitchen with others. It was also very satisfying  to observe 
how many people, without being asked, just stepped right into the tasks that 
were needed, to get the job done. 
Several, who were either part of the feast prep, serving, or cleanup, were 
crowned heads. These were people who had earned the right to be waited on, 
but there they were, bustin' their backsides with the rest of us - not for 
self aggrandizement, but just for the love of The North, and Ansteorra.
We have reason to be proud. Northern Regional served to make it clear once 
again, what a good thing we are a part of, and, what a good group of people 
can accomplish.
Rowan, thanks for a great feast, and a great opportunity for us to share.


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