NK - Many Thanks, Zahava and Lucan

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Sun Feb 18 18:04:11 PST 2001

Zahava, Lucan, "Hurricane" Alex and I attended last Friday's demo, and all 3 
of them were great hits with the scouts. Zahava and Lucan put on a wonderful 
fighting demo, and left 'em begging for more!
Alex, I believe, will grow up to be a Hospitaller one day. He can work a room 
like no one else! Not a stranger in the bunch as far as he was concerned, 
just went up to all the scouts and talked to them. No one knew what was 
saying of course, since it was all in "Alex speak," but he was quite a hit 
there, as well.
My thanks to you for helping out, and showing the best of what the SCA is all 
You are my heroes!
With Gratitude,
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