NK - Many Thanks, Damon, Ismet & Xenos!

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Sun Feb 25 14:31:23 PST 2001

Once again a successful demo, at this weekend's Blue and Gold banquet. A 
mighty thanks to Lords Damon and Xenos, who brought their "arsenals" of 
weaponry for display, and fought a valiant round or two, for the delight of 
cubs and others. Another Vivat and thanks to Lady Ismet, who held quite an 
audience of both boys and girls captive, at her spinning wheel.
We were met with the usual kind courtesy and good reception by the adults, 
and we reinforced our commitment to the Scouting program, amid a sea of cute 
little guys and gals. And of course, as always, I was actively recruiting 
potential young boffer and rapier fighters! (openly hidden agenda...har, har).
My thanks to you three for your time, and effort. I am shown once again what 
a great asset to the Barony we have in you!
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