ANST-Announce - Volunteering for Gulf Wars

Brian and Pam Martin twinoak at
Mon Feb 26 18:38:42 PST 2001

Greetings All,

Yes, Gulf War is nearly upon us. We all know about the feats of valor on =
the fields, both chivalric and rapier that must go into winning the war. =
We also know of the great artisans whose contributions aid in winning =
war points and bringing glory to Ansteorra. Yes, arts and fighting are =
an important part of the war effort, but what about the other pillar of =
the society? What of service? Did you know that volunteering for service =
at the war also counts towards a war point? Did you also know that the =
war will pay money to the SCA branch or office that you designate? Yes, =
in volunteering for service at the war, you can aid your kingdom both =
financially and in the war effort.

So how does one volunteer? All that you have to do is go to the =
volunteer both any or all days of the war and sign up for shifts of duty =
for gate guard (note the lack of the phrase "troll"), security, porta =
pottie duty, or the many other jobs that need to be done. Since many =
people had a difficult time finding the volunteer booth last year, HL =
Dominic MacConamarra will serve as the Ansteorran volunteer coordinator =
for Gulf War X. Dominic will answer questions, find out what jobs need =
particular attention on given days and will make sure people can find =
the volunteer booth. If you have questions about volunteering once you =
get to the war, find Dominic and he will help you help the war run more =

Thanks, and see you at the war!

Sir Pendaran,
Ansteorran Liaison, GW X
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