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Thu Feb 8 10:32:23 PST 2001

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<< so do we....I had to re-condition Perry though, he spent many years in Guam
 w/ no air conditioning and likes the humidity and heat.  yuk!
 I am sure all that leather and padding keeps them pretty warm though, even
 more so when they start swinging.  LOL
 Find anything interesting on ebay lately?  
 someone was teasing you behind your back about that,,uumm, wonder who that
 could have been.  Perry gives me grief about it too.  LOL
 maidenhair >>

I don't do well in either extreme - too cold or too hot.  I'm relatively 
skinny, so I freeze, and I've had heat exhaustion, so I'm pretty sensitive to 
the heat.  I also don't sweat enough which makes it worse.  I'll say it... 
I'm a wimp.

Eh, e-bay has been pretty boring lately... I guess I'm just jaded.  Thorgrim 
can make fun of me all he likes... he should just be thankful that I'm not 
collecting diamonds. <BEG>


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