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Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Thu Feb 8 10:53:15 PST 2001

There ya go.  you could give up ebay in exchange for a diamond encrusted new
helm.  oooo  aaaaaa.  that would be pretty when the sunlight hits it at gulf

well...I ain't skinny, so i don't freeze.  but i wish i could melt better in
the heat.  I think my favorite times of the year are fall and spring.  a
light sweater and a pair of jeans or sweats and i am good to go, usually
hiking around my little 2 1/2 acres picking up bird feathers and other
nature relics.

Youre not a wimp, your body just betrays you.  you have the right mind set,
that's what i tell myself.  perry gets so angry at me.  "youre sick go to
bed, you need more water, you need a pill, blah blah blah. "  I always get a
stiff upper lip and advise him i will work my way through it.  Now there's
the real funny.  LOL
Of course it is nice that he cares.  8 D
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> << so do we....I had to re-condition Perry though, he spent many years in
> Guam
>  w/ no air conditioning and likes the humidity and heat.  yuk!
>  I am sure all that leather and padding keeps them pretty warm though,
> even
>  more so when they start swinging.  LOL
>  Find anything interesting on ebay lately?  
>  someone was teasing you behind your back about that,,uumm, wonder who
> that
>  could have been.  Perry gives me grief about it too.  LOL
>  maidenhair >>
> I don't do well in either extreme - too cold or too hot.  I'm relatively 
> skinny, so I freeze, and I've had heat exhaustion, so I'm pretty sensitive
> to 
> the heat.  I also don't sweat enough which makes it worse.  I'll say it...
> I'm a wimp.
> Eh, e-bay has been pretty boring lately... I guess I'm just jaded.
> Thorgrim 
> can make fun of me all he likes... he should just be thankful that I'm not
> collecting diamonds. <BEG>
> Sigen

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